my throat hurts like a bitch and i have a fever and i wanna die

cause i have a fridge full of food and I DON’T WANNA EAT


and i wanted to watch the WHOLE 2nd season of game of thrones TODAY

3 episodes to go will i make it or not that is the mystery 

i’d really like to know when i’m gonna stop stressing about my fucking future and be able to sleep more than 2 hours a night again

borderline nervous breakdown here hello

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well that was the worst bus ride ever

i was so hungry and thirsty and really had to pee and the fucking sun was shining in my eyes and i had only slept a couple of hours last night and the whole bus was full of fucking idiots

one was yelling on her phone in front of me godddd i wanted to smash her head in the window SO BAD and then another one was coughing behind me THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME and then someone was whistling and the driver was blasting some fucking jesus channel on his radio I WAS LITERALLY THIS CLOSE TO KILLING SOMEBODY

now my ears hurt cause i had to listen to music so loud and my hands are full of bruises cause the only way to keep sane was to dig my nails into my hands

oh if only you fucking idiots had been aborted as embryos. my day could’ve been so easily saved.

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I don’t like romantic comedies, but I love romantic tragedies.

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i just fixed my internet and our printer so…i’m kind of a genius!

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i have so many posts in my queue that i could just abandon ship and be gone till thursday and still be posting 50 times a day

but no i’m not gonna do that

cause i have nothing if i don’t have tumblr

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i really fucking hate that summer’s getting here cause my room get’s so hot in the mornings and makes me wake up ridiculously early, like today

and there’s just so much LIGHT in my room even though the blinds are drawn

i don’t like the sun

i’d like to live in a cave please

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i think it’s time to start watching charmed again

i got really into it about a year ago and watched the first 4 seasons and then stopped cause i knew they were gonna get rid of julian mcmahon in the next episode and i just couldn’t handle it

but now it’s time

i can feel it


and sad, cause i love cole and he’s just gonna be GONE and phoebe’s gonna be all ALONE and it’s just not FAIR

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i just woke up after an 11 hour nap and i’m still exhausted

spent the night chasing terrorists again so that kinda explains it though

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you wanna know what i really fucking hate? people who self-promote themselves on every single photo that they post


omg wanna see more minty greenish sometimes baby blue fashion posts CLICK HERE



umm, yeah, i wasn’t going to, cause you’re fucking pathetic not to mention annoying and downright unfollowable right about now

and i most definitely am not gonna reblog that post with your stupid ass captions all over it even if you double dared me, motherfucker 

i haven’t eaten all day so i’m kinda in a bad mood but GOD THAT’S SO ANNOYING

if desperately trying to get followers is the only thing why you’re on here maybe you should reconsider

that is all.

well this has been one depressing day.

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hi. anybody else as bored as i am?

talk to me people


i’m super nice

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i am EXHAUSTED and just finally getting to settle in my teeny tiny little room so i’m back to PROPERLY posting tomorrow

so tired so tired

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sorry for the fucked up theme, gotta work on it tomorrow when i’m not this tired. goodnight lovelies

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