how do people fucking dare write books this sad I’m so done with this are you kidding me I will never lay my eyes on a piece of literature again if this is what I get

nope, no, done

if one of you guys uses goodreads even somewhat actively and would like to be friends, message me. :)

what books are you guys planning on reading this christmas? I’ve been thinking about anna karenina but ugh I don’t know. I need some inspiration!

I know you read a lot! Do you read any chick-lit books and what are your favorites? :)


very rarely nowadays… i used to love sophie kinsella when i was younger but lately it’s just my fucking god her characters are so. fucking. dumb. like it’s not even funny anymore they have no brain and they are so unrealistic i roll my eyes about a thousand times per page.

and a lot of chick lit books feature some kinda boring ass story with kids/pregnancy or boyfriend/husband drama or getting married and i have no interest in any of that because i do not want to be a mother in the future and if i’ll ever get involved with/marry anyone he has to be a millionaire. 

i like reading about manhattan socialites and billionaires and luxury and money and fashion and 10 carat diamonds and private jets and new york new york new york - so plum sykes, lauren weisberger, jane stanton hitchcock.

(i would be most grateful for any suggestions similar to those!)

apparently ‘goodbye for now’ translates into ‘together forever’ in #Finnish. areyoufuckingkiddingme. yay for autumn and rainy days and chocolate pu’erh tea though!
the best thing about not having to study for university entrance exams anymore - I CAN FINALLY READ ACTUAL BOOKS AGAIN #yay #!!!!! #book #reading #literature #nabokov #vladimirnabokov #laughterinthedark #kameraobskura
Nooo you shouldn't have said that about Franny and Zooey, I was so looking forward to read it :/ Have you read The Catcher in the Rye? And if so, what do you think about it? :)


haha i’m sorry but it really is the most boring book i’ve ever read, after pride and prejudice, of course. no, i haven’t, it was on my list but after being so disappointed with franny and zooey i’m probably not gonna bother :)

read this yesterday and my god the actual story is about a hundred times better than the movie version (it’s still one of my favorites though)
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what i accomplished today: downloaded 88 new books and learned how to convert pdf files into epub files so i can read them on my iphone

the most productive day i’ve had in weeks

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my cappuccino mug is mocking me cause instead of studying i’m chick litting #book #literature #coffee #cappuccino #chicklit #reading (Taken with instagram)