I just got the most perfect apartment that’s pretty close to my work and only a 5 minute walk from my best friend’s house

my cold dark heart feels a tiny bit of warmth now

the highlight of my new year’s celebrations last night was a guy my age stamping his foot and going ‘you’re. so. mean!!!!!!!!’ with tears in his eyes

and he was sober

the USB thingy for my mouse somehow broke a couple of days ago which is why I won’t be on my laptop anytime soon which is why, if you have messaged me and I haven’t answered, it’s still gonna take a while because I can’t answer privately on my phone so no I’m not answering you just because I don’t want to I just fucking hate publishing messages that are not anonymous okay I think this was all goodbye

if one of you guys uses goodreads even somewhat actively and would like to be friends, message me. :)

what books are you guys planning on reading this christmas? I’ve been thinking about anna karenina but ugh I don’t know. I need some inspiration!

tea is heaven
the end.