i’m so hungry but i’m waiting for my nails to dry so i can’t eat so i’m sad


how are you guys doing on this beautiful (it’s beautiful cause i got ice cream and i kicked my mom out of the house so that i can be all by myself<3) saturday night?

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i don’t know if i should go in the peachy, pink or minty direction with my nails today

i’ve been thinking about this for an hour no lies

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we will give me an A for trying!
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my new buddies #pistachio and #candyfloss :)  (Taken with instagram)
my nails just got a little minty with #isadora :) #fashion #beauty #nails #nailpolish #mint #pastels (Taken with instagram)
okay, it’s 3 am, again, and i can’t fucking sleep, again

i do have pretty nails though

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