if anyone has absolutely amazing tips for studying for a huge, important exam that basically requires memorizing a 500-page book (world history) from cover to cover in detail, I would be more than grateful if you would message me or reply to this! general studying tips or methods would also be very much appreciated since I have none…

oh and if I especially have any Finnish followers who are university students and have had the same kind of studying to do to get accepted for history, politics, social sciences, international relations and the likes that have multiple essays in the entrance exam and an acceptance rate of 3% or similar, please share your knowledge and wisdom! :)

i have 22 weeks to go and this time I’m not fucking around

smells like autumn!!!!! fucking finally
are you a sugar baby/escort?


i have no idea what gave you that impression but anyways, i’m flattered but nope, neither! not yet anyway.

(i’ve been thinking about sugaring for a while now though cause i’m always broke and a student and can’t get a job, yada yada, but we don’t have attractive or rich men in finland so then i’d have to go to london and then the POTs would have to pay for my flights and hotel and then they’d know my real name and stuff and ugh i don’t know if it’s too much of a hassle but yes i’m definitely thinking about it.

i think escorting would be fun, too. i like the idea of a double life, i mean where else would i get some excitement in my life? except from watching homeland but there’s always the possibility of a heart attack with that show.)

i feel bad for the foreign students at our school who already got their fur hats and winter coats on and it’s only like minus 2 degrees celsius

i mean what are you gonna do when it’s 15 times colder than now, kill a bear and crawl inside the carcass or what

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I don’t know why i even bother reading the news anymore

A guy in finland has been sentenced to jail for a year and eight months for beating the shit out of his wife over 20 times in a year since 2009 in front of their 3-year-old kid.

When the police finally started to investigate the family’s situation they also found out that the guy’s DNA matched an unsolved rape case from 2006, though the court decided that it wasn’t a REAL RAPE but just a tiny case of ‘forcing a person to a sexual act’ and ‘sexual abuse’.

Well, goody that he at least has to pay 4k to the woman he raped and 12k to his wife cause that makes it all so much better! Maybe when he gets out he finally manages to actually kill his wife!

Somebody marry me and get me the hell away from this pathetic excuse for a civilized country i’m so mad right now

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an interesting little fact: pretty little liars is translated into ‘the lying seducers’ on finnish television. and i’m not even kidding.


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so i was just reading the news and came across a wonderful little article that makes me just so proud to be from finland!

- our law has three different ‘levels’ of rape. the ‘least serious’ level of offence is just casually ‘forcing somebody to have sex with you’ (mhm, yes, really, they said that) and this occurs in 23% of the cases that are brought into court.

- if the rape includes ‘only a little bit of violence’, it will be seen as a level 1 offence.

- ‘only a little bit of violence’ apparently includes hitting somebody in the face, pulling somebody’s hair, and bruising and strangling the other person! 

- in most cases the level 1 offence will get you less than a year of probation. only every 6th rapist gets over a year of probation.

- oh yeah, and the maximum sentence for raping someone is three years in prison. with good behavior you get out in one, so…yay finland! go equality and justice! i feel so safe now!

oh and this was a study conducted by some sort of legal-politic research…thingy, and all the cases between 2006 and 2009 have been included in it.

(if you understand finnish go here and get mad:

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reasons why i hate to be back in finland: british vogue which is about £4 costs almost three times as much in this wonderful little country! ugh take me away from here

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