why do you hate blue eyes..?


they just seem cold and mean. dark blue’s fine though.

Like it doesnt madder if its someones cup of tea or not, for both points that textpost made, we are still technically designed to do it weather we want to or not, so its up to you


thank you for your messages! i’m on my way to the sauna so i have no time to really answer this, so all i’m gonna say is that everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. :)

k i’m gone now

No I think what that person just meant was like our body parts themselves were designed that way, so we WERE designed to give birth. Same as eyes make us designed to see, and ears were designed to hear. That doesnt mean its our only purpose for life or its all we do but I think they just meant its the may we were made


Women were designed too give birth.


no. human beings are not machines. we have not been ‘designed’ to do anything or to be anything. there does happen to be a thing called evolution, though, and yes, the evolutionary goal for humans is reproduction BUT:

1. evolution favors reproduction over women’s health. so from an evolutionary point of view it’d be better to have, say, 9 children and then have 6 of them die than to have 1 normal, perfect, not dead child.

2. even though women’s bodies are different, there is an inherent and inexorable incompatability with the size of a baby’s head and a woman’s pelvis that it has to push through. which means that a remarkable amount of fetal and maternal death is in fact inevitable. build in the system, as you undoubtedly would say.

then again, we don’t live in a world that has to live merely by evolutionary goals anymore. that time passed a few thousand years ago. today we get to have our own individual goals for our future. make our own choices.

and i for one have a hell of a lot more significant purposes planned for my life than childbirth.

what's your ideal type of guy?


funny, intelligent, a feminist, over 6’ tall, and a millionaire. no business men though, cause most of the successful ones possess the same personality traits as psychopaths. that’s what makes them successful.

and i got no time to deal with people like that.

I wish I had an island.. :)


i could use one too! no people = paradise

Did you really just ask "What did she get in the end?" In regards to Coco Chanel?! Um, maybe, just maybe, she ended up with a fashion empire that's taken the world by storm for years now. Or the fact that she died with one of the most powerful legacies to her name. Or what about the fact that she changed fashion and we have her to thank for women in trousers?


she didn’t end up with a ‘fashion empire’. during her life the house had only a relatively brief period when it was truly successful, most of the time it was troubled. it took years after she died for it to become as respected and recognized as it is now.

no one can deny her legacy in the fashion world - the little black dress, the suit, the 2.55, liberating women and the way the dressed at the time. but she ended up a bitter, miserable, narrow-minded woman who completely abandoned her family (or what little was left of it) and was so embarrassed about her history, where she came from, and how she was brought up that she fabricated dozens of different stories about it her whole life and was never able to admit the truth to one single person. i think that’s kinda sad.

she’s a legend. sure. she probably won’t ever be forgotten. she sacrificed everything she had in order to be successful, and she worked hard and did everything she had to, include sleep with powerful or just rich men, in order to ensure funding for her business. she was admirably relentless and strong and she never gave up. that’s great.

but she was also a homophobe who hated jews and who was all buddy buddy with the nazis - working for them and supporting them, financially and otherwise, and she never saw anything wrong with that.

she shut down her business in the beginning of WW2 so that 3000 women working for her would lose their jobs - merely out of spite for those workers who had been a part of the labour strike a couple of years earlier and wanted fair pay and working hours.

she used her being a pure ‘aryan’ to make german officials give her the sole ownership of ‘parfums chanel’ which had been under the direction of jewish brothers since 1924. they had been financing all production, marketing and distribution of chanel no 5. and after the nazis seized all jewish owned businesses, chanel plotted to get the ownership of the company and profited millions from it.

she did wonderful things for fashion but she never even blinked what an incredibly high price she payed for it. i can’t really respect her or consider her a good, honorable human being.

she died alone with not one person who loved her and i don’t wonder why. and i don’t think it was worth it. she might have been happier had she made different choices, been just a little bit braver.

who knows.

this was exhausting i think it’s time for ice cream now.

What is your fave Coco Channel quote? and what do you think about her ?


ugh i don’t know. well she was a tough little lady and props for seducing powerful married men all over the place but she was nowhere near perfect i mean what did she get in the end yeah that’s right nothing.

not the smartest woman that ever lived.

The Wolf of Wall Street, Planes, 300: Rise of an Empire, The Lone Ranger, The Avengers 2 - What movie are you waiting for ?


none of them, really.

probably gonna see the wolf of wall street and the lone ranger some day but i’m not gonna to the movies and pay 20 bucks for anything like that.

Do you read those in Spanish or are you just using Spanish titles? Because if you are reading them in Spanish, that is really awesome - the original texts sound great, though the English versions are pretty decent too. I just read "Of love and other demons" by Marquez and really liked it.


no, not yet because my spanish is really rusty. i usually read my books either in finnish or english and if i like them i’ll just make a mental note to read the original version once i’ve gotten better at the languages haha. 

i just checked that out and it seems interesting enough so i’ll be adding it to my exhaustingly long to-read list. thank you! :)

Hey! Have you read anything by Marquez before?


hi, and nope! vargas llosa was my first latin american author and since i’m really interested about the culture i thought i’d just move to marquez next. i’m SO EXCITED cause i haven’t actually been reading anything in a while so i’m just starting to get back into it. :)

your opinion about Angelina Jolie? about her bio , movies.. everything ?


she’s one of my favorite actresses. have you seen ‘changeling’? incredible. and her performance in ‘girl, interrupted’ is one of my all time favorites.

i also think she’s immensely beautiful, intelligent and i admire her for using her powers for good.

What is your opinion about Leonardo Dicaprio? his movies.. his bio.. everything


i think he’s a very talented actor. i like him.

i don’t really know much about his personal life as i’m not really interested in celebrity gossip, but i do consider him being very capable in his craft.

fuck your email, just login with your username. the same stupid thing happened to me a couple of months ago, and i eventually got all my music back.


yeah i tried it again and it worked! happy tears now

I hate to break to you, but no matter how much you deny it, you're definitely lesbian. You just don't see it yet.



yep you got me