what interests you?


Besides the obvious music, fashion, and food? Well let’s see. Serial killers, organized crime, literature, history (not the boring stuff), psychology, sex workers. I’m also a whore for crappy (sometimes good) tv shows and I’m obsessed with the 70s, musicwise (Pamela des Barres give me your life, and if somebody has a time machine or if the doctor really does exist please take me with you!). Basically everything and anything. I hate studying but I love learning. Ask me if you wanna know something more specific haha.

Edit. Let’s just skip all of the above and say lovely-delightxo cause let’s face it, nothing else really matters.

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Posted on Jul 16th, 2012  
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  1. lovely--delight said: or you can skip all those things and just say lovely-delightxo
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