I really. really. really. hate fashion bloggers.


Dear Idiots who spend their entire lives posing as if caught in a moment:

Please stop wearing the same f*cking things over and over again like everything from Zara, the Celine luggage, the stupid E&J feather jacket, and basically playing out anything that had a semblance of being cool but was ruined because it’s too easily accessible in price point.

And then in a one moment, I am SURPRISED one of you had the actual financial means to purchase something NICE…and then find out it’s on loan to you from a boutique trying to jimmy some publicity for their store…but don’t they realize that people—aka the MASSES— reading these blogs all just aspire for high end fashion.  Like all lemmings, they lack the self restraint to just save and buy nicer things…they just need the quick high.  A closet full of trendy trash.

Those who can purchase the aspirational goods actually DESPISE everything worn by these idiot blogettes. 



P.S. I read your blogs because I hate stalk you…aka god forbid anything I like shows up on your blog cuz then its dead to me.

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Posted on Jun 14th, 2012  
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