so i’m here working on my amazon order but i’m not completely sure what to get since the books that i love should be as sad and horribly depressing and twisted and dark as they can, with an unhappy ending where somebody or everybody dies or whatever, SO, any recommendations?

some of my favorite books are, for example, the virgin suicides, the bell jar and white oleander, and yes, girl, interrupted is already on my list.

p.s. i especially love really fucked up female characters!

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Posted on Apr 19th, 2012  
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  1. fifteenfee answered: prozac nation.
  2. missashnycole answered: everything lovely, effortless, safe by Jenny Hollowell
  3. angelicapriscilla answered: Looking For Alaska by John Green
  4. chemistr-y answered: Just read The Bell Jar and Girl, Interrupted for my Women and Madness class. They are ahhhmazinggg and the movies are just as good.
  5. schiller-nd answered: Maybe Speak? Melinda is so sarcastic :D
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