your blog is the reason why i ve made my on tumblr... :D


That’s so great, have fun! My tumblr isn’t active as of now since I’ve grown a bit bored of it.

I have recently discovered Pinterest though so it’s not like I’m completely done wasting my time on the magical world of internet!

why wouldnt you come backk??????


I guess I’ve just gotten bored of this after two and a half years. :)

Please come back now :( I miss you


That’s very sweet of you but I’m afraid at this moment I really don’t know whether I will be back. (Aims is this you?)


"The army stationed me down South when I was younger, and I couldn’t even use the same bathroom as white people. But things have changed so much. The younger generation isn’t nearly as racist. I’ve been sitting here for fifty years. So much has changed. This neighborhood used to be all black. A white person couldn’t even walk down this street. All the races kept to themselves. Now you’ve got Indians talking to Pakistanis, blacks talking to whites, everybody is here and learning from each other’s cultures. I’ve been sitting here for 50 years. Things are getting better."



when i die i want that cool thing done where they take your ashes and pressurise them enough to turn them into a precious gem. i then want that gem forged into a swords hilt so my heir can avenge me because im not dying unless im killed i can assure you